Ministry of Interior on Fire

February 23, 2011

Egyptian Interior Ministry has been reported to be on fire by several twitter users. According to Al Ahram, the Human Resources department at the Ministry is “ablaze”.

In anticipation of some reports saying it is an accident, it cannot possibly be an accident. And it also can’t be Tahririans or demonstrators for several reason:

1. Why would the revolutionaries suddenly break from the motto “selmeyya selmeyya” ?

2. Anyone with an ounce of a brain would know that this would work for the Ministry, not against it.

3. Today is the first newsreel in Shorouk stating that a high official in the Armed Forces’ Supreme Council, confirmed that they are going to discharge many of the heads of the  State Security Investigations department (مباحث امن الدولة) and begin investigations with them.  High on the list is Hassan Abd al Rahman, head of SSI.


Although as of yet unverified, this appears to be a delibrate attempt to get rid of evidence.


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