Eleven Points Demanded by Youth Coalition

February 16, 2011

According to al Shorouk, in a press conference held yesterday, Tuesday  February 15th, the Youth Coalition declared that only some of the revolution’s goals have been achieved including Mubarak’s resignation, temporary suspension of the constitution and suspension of parliament. Their demands can be represented in eleven main points, outlined in today’s masry al youm as follows:

1. Permanent suspension of 1971 constitution after a new parliament has been elected. The constitution that should come in its stead should furnish the grounds for a democratic parliamentary system. Under this demand is included the call for ending the state of Emergence, restricting presidential jurisdiction and powers, and separation of powers.

2. Creating a technocratic transitional government headed by a civilian in the span of a month. This demand emphasizes their rejection to Ahmed Shafiq’s government.

3. Lowering age for  parliamentary candidacy to 25 and for presidential candidacy to 35.

4. Freeing and facilitating the right to create and launch unions, newspapers and other media outlets.

5. Conducting elections for professional, labor, and student unions according to their respective legal directives.

6. Releasing all political prisoners from before and after the 25th.

7. Dissolving the NDP and consigning all it’s assets and financial resources to the state.

8. Disbanding  the subsector of State Security known as  مباحث امن الدولة which is responsible for protecting the government entity and was responsible for many violations against the public. It became colossally inflated under the past regime relative to other sectors under the Ministry of Interior and as a consequence, it had created unjustified stress on the government’s financial resources. Related to that point is the request to terminate the transfer of martial recruits to Central State Security (قطاع الامن المركزي).

10. Implementing  court rulings that have been issued under the former regime including disbanding university national guard, aborting natural gas exports to Israel, and revoking Law #100 regulating labor union elections.

11. Revoking the law concerned with political parties and enacting in its stead a new law dealing with political rights as well as dissolving all local councils.


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