Dear Fortune,

June 30, 2010

Fortune has been me good pal for the past half of this year, but, as always, she has been working in the most mysterious of ways. At least I believe she has been though I’m starting to realize you never can really tell.

I say that she has been a good pal because none of this year’s trying episodes have explicitly been her fault. Nothing was not foreseen. Also, I say she has been a good pal because I do not want to piss her off. I have seen her when she is mad and I have to say it was not a pretty sight, and though friends stick together during the good times and the bad – and Fortune is my friend, I’m worried that next time she throws a tantrum we will forever part ways.

So I wrote her a letter and here is how it goes.

Dear Fortune,

I skip the standard How-You-Dos (for you always know how I am and I never know how you are) and go straight to the point.

You have been my good pal this year and I pray we forever stay friends and I hope you would be so good as to introduce me to your acquaintances – and I say acquaintance and not friend – Cognition, Forbearance and Gratitude.

Perhaps ‘introduce’ is not the best word for it implies no former association, but I know you know what I mean.

Gratitude I might venture to say is an old acquaintance of mine as well – we grew up together, but we were more like courteous neighbors living in close proximity to one another, in parallel universes, exchanging greetings every morning and every night. But I feel like we never truly, intimately knew each other. Also, I think perhaps I must have inadvertently offended Gratitude for she scarcely ever returns my greetings anymore. (And, don’t tell her I said that, but I think she even gave me the stink eye the other day).

I tell you in all honestly Fortune that, though in expressing my appreciation for all that you have done to me I meant to relate to you the affection you now command of my heart, I was also hoping I would get in Gratitude’s good graces. So I ask you because, even though I heard about the many fallouts you two had, I know you’re still solid acquaintances. And even though Gratitude and myself are old acquaintaces as well, I am a mere mortal whereas you both are immortal abstract nouns and the term does not mean the same thing when applied to her and I as it does to you and her. So would you tell her I’m sorry and ask her to stop by for a cup of tea or coffee?

Forbearance, on the other hand, I only came across recently and was absolutely taken by her. She talked very little but somehow still managed to bring out the best in me. I am in no position to judge, for I do not know her nearly as well as you do, but I feel she’s different than the rest of you. I think if I ever am to become a noun I should wish to become like Forbearance. In due time I believe we will develop a solid friendship but still, would you please put in a good word for me?

Cognition is a tricky one and I have ambivalent feelings about him (and yet here I am asking you to ‘introduce’ us). I have known him for a while, almost as long as I’ve known Gratitude. But our relationship has been different. We rarely ever exchanged greetings and though I respect him greatly and recognize his talents, I only do it grudgingly. For some reason he gets on my nerves. We conversed a number of times (more frequently lately) and always always quarreled, sometimes lightheartedly, sometimes more viciously. He’s very spirited yet at the same time he has the calmest of manners. Very composed. Very condescending but surprisingly humble as well. Or perhaps he himself is not humble but rather his attitude is humbling – I am so taken with him sometimes (though again, grudgingly) that I cannot tell the difference between the emotions in him and the ones he brings out in me. Cognition scares me and sometimes I think he acts like an enemy. I think I might even hate him on some level. But he’s one of those nouns that once you’ve known, you cannot live without. That’s maybe partly why he scares me. In any case, even if he is an enemy, you know what they say. Keep your friends close..

I know that you and Cognition have your many differences which is why I am at ease sharing my thoughts with you, knowing that you will understand and will, at least partly, if not entirely, agree.

This has been, as is my unfortunate habit, a rather long letter so I leave you, dear Fortune, with my best regards and a farewell. May we never fall ill with each other.

Until next time.



P.s. I know that people often confuse you with Providence the same way Mrs Weasley confuses George with the other one whose name I have for the time being forgotten, and don’t get mad when I say this, but I also know Providence is the one with more power, if only slightly more. And its not just because he’s a couple of minutes older. But I write you because traffic on Providence’s correspondence line is very high and I worry he won’t get my message. Also, and I tell you this in confidence, Providence kind of intimidates me. I am pleased to tell you that you are more approachable than he is. That said, would you tell him that I am looking forward to our scheduled meeting and that despite my reluctance to indulge in a friendship similar to the one I have with you (mainly because I do not yet feel up to it nor worthy of it – no offense to you Fortune) and despite my awkwardness when we run into each other and my apparent indifference, I have nothing but love and respect for him?

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