Pipe Breaks in Helwan

March 9, 2010

At Abdel Moneim Riyad Sqaure, right in front of the Cabertage in Helwan, a 900-millimeter-wide pipe cracked causing a sudden collapse in the ground overhead and leaving an artificial slough in its stead.

There seemed to be a lack of consensus as to when exactly this had happened. Some people said that it happened around nine am today, Sunday the 7th of March, whereas others statements varied between four, six, and seven am.

A microbus driver for the Water Company for Greater Cairo, however, stated that the collapse occurred last Thursday, February the 25th, a couple of days after the storm Egypt had witnessed.

“All the sewage drains were flooded,” he said, “before finally the ground gave way and collapsed”.

Engineer Manal Shokry, General Manager of the Public Administration of Sanitation in Helwan, confirms that this incident has occurred last Monday, the 1st of April. She classified the cause for the pipe breakage as geological, denying that it had anything to do with last week’s storm.

“This happens all the time”, she said, “and is not related to the weather”.

An employee at the neighboring General Institute for Cleanliness in Helwan, Abdel Salam Mohamed Mohamed, says that the fact that the collapse created a slough underneath suggests that the damaged pipe has been leaking inconspicuously for a while. He affirms, however, an opinion voiced by other employees of the institute, that this incident was the first of its kind.

Owners of a kiosk that overlooks the collapsed area, disagree stating that a similar incident did in fact occur five or six years ago, before the Cleanliness Institute was established. Engineer Manal, seconds that by saying that this kind of incident occurs all the time in Helwan.

Gamal Orabi, Head of the General Institute for Cleanliness in Helwan, adds that both the governor of Helwan, Kadry Abu Hussein, as well as the district’s supervisor, visited the damaged area around 10 am this morning.

The Sanitation Company for Greater Cairo, sponsored by the recently privatized Water and Sanitation Company, has been contracted for reconstructing the damaged site. Work is still pending the finalization of the contract.

Mohamed Gaber, a local resident, on learning about plans for reconstruction, commented, “Why should Helwan be an exception? The whole country is falling apart.”

Note: Also publish in Al Masry Al Youm online newspaper @http://www.almasryalyoum.com/en/news/pipe-breaks-helwan


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